At 106, Dr Wiener talks about senior health – YouTube

Dr. Robert Wiener, at 106 years of age, reflects on the key to his senior health in Montreal on Thursday March 12, 2015.


Elderly – Depression and Suicide in Old Age

Seniors are more likely than younger people to become depressed and to commit suicide. Many of the medications used to treat a variety of illnesses common in the senior community can cause side effects that may lead to depression. But there are ways to prevent and treat depression. If you or a loved one is depressed, please seek help! A healthy attitude and state of mind is key to senior health.

What Are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety is a common problem in senior health. This video discusses the different categories of anxiety disorders. If you or a loved one experiences any of these symptoms talk about them with your doctor. In-home care aides can offer companionship and comfort to seniors who experience problems with anxiety.

Take Your Medicines Safely

Taking medication safely, as prescribed by a doctor, is key to senior health. As we age, most people develop minor health conditions that require a medication regiment. Making sure you take each medication as prescribed can be hard if you are experiencing memory problems. Always Best Care’s in-home caregivers specialize in medication management and reminders. Please consider our services if you or a loved one need help with medication, or any other daily activities!