Geriatric Medicine: When to Go to a Geriatric Doctor – YouTube

Seniors can greatly benefit from seeing a geriatric physician. This video offers good advice on when it is appropriate to start seeing a geriatric doctor and how to find one.


Oldest Woman in the world 115 yrs for CNN – YouTube

CNN World Report: Henny van Andel-Schipper was, until she died at 115 years and 3 months old, the oldest person alive in 2009! She says the secret to her long life is eating one raw herring every day with a glass of orange juice! Eating nutritious food is key to senior health 😉

Caring For Persons With Dementia – 5 Things To Avoid – YouTube

This video offers some really good tips for caregivers and people living with someone who has dementia. Always Best Care utilizes many of these ideas in our caregiver training. These strategies can greatly reduce frustration and anxiety for both the caregiver and the person suffering with dementia.