Combatting Spring Allergies in Temecula

Allergies are an unwelcome side effect of what is otherwise a very welcome season. For some people, the blossoming of nature and the longer, warmer days are overshadowed by the unpleasant symptoms of a seasonal allergy. Keeping allergies in check is very important, especially in the elderly.  If a person suffers from cardiovascular, respiratory, or Continue reading Combatting Spring Allergies in Temecula


Sound Sleep Advice for Seniors

Temecula Valley Wine Country and championship golf courses are just a couple of things Temecula, CA offers to its seniors. However, seniors who are not getting adequate amounts of sleep on a consistent basis are not able to enjoy all Read more

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas for Temecula Seniors

Studies show that senior citizens all across the United States prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. However, meal planning and cooking can quickly become one activity that many seniors have problems with. A professional Read more